About the show
  • WOFX – World Furniture Expo 2021 looks to harness India’s consumption boom by attracting and bringing quality international manufacturers with contemporary and trendy furniture products to the Indian market. It is the complete B2B show presenting a comprehensive sourcing, trading, manufacturing and production solution designed to fulfil the needs of the Indian furniture market.
  • The show brings together various sectors of the industry to deliver business success by creating business opportunities in allied as well as complementary areas through bringing together various sectors of the industry under one roof.
  • The Expo is positioned as a strategic converging event for manufacturers from all over the world who would like to showcase their comprehensive range of products and designs to India’s top importers, retailers, chain stores, hyper markets, trading houses, e-retailers, agents and distributors.
  • WOFX – World Furniture Expo 2021 is a truly international platform with exhibitors from China, Malaysia, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy, India and Sri Lanka amongst others showcasing top quality contemporary products
  • The fair will put you at the centre of the Indian furniture market directly connecting you with the top industry buyers in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India.